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Part 1 "The Great Experimenter"

(the small sarcastic fantasy about the real Ways of Modern sciences - Economics, Law, History, Sociology ... - is taking into account all the Basic laws of existence of the Animal society, her thinking and directions of development. Everything - "is Truth", it’s the Science)

The Little monkey scratched his head, turned a small shaggy head from side - to-side - in search of external support, and pushed a finger forward.
Flame scorched a paw, which was outstretched to him, and widely licked stiff black wool, and the Great Experimenter howled. He bounced back and put the burnt finger in his mouth, almost whining from the resentment and pain.
Resentment was more then burned.
Recently, he was unlucky. Unfortunately the experiments do not want to bring the desired result. Neither water, nor fire, nor stones or trees didn’t show the slightest desire to subordinate themselves to the Great. They behave as if they are the Main here, in this cursed, wide world. But he needed the result. It remained only to repeatedly his sacrifice fingers, tail and to substitute by "blows of fate" his poor thin elbows and knees - not the strongest in the world.
All this was so long and the Great Experimenter so tired, but he had no other choice. The world is difficult for the live of someone small and weak. The world, where each strong relatives chasing you by the cuff on his nape and has hard slaps for he. They are well. For example, the Leader, from the birth was the largest always, and he remained so until he became what he became. The leader of the pack. And he hadn’t to do anything special for this. Except that he needs to show once or twice his teeth. The such from nature white and huge teeth. And all eyes are down.
The Respect.
Respect! Here is what Experimenter has been craving all his short worthless life. And where can he get it? And he sideways tried to get close to the Flame. He is resting on three legs and not letting his mouth fourth, - burned.

Flame flowed smoothly through the tree. The smooth spurts of flame did not seem scary. They are just intertwined, and sometimes began to dance to the gusts of a draught. They have long aiming to skip to the next, but wind long quiets down and transmitting only a rare blow. It was sufficient for the saturate of the oxygen for the Combustion process in this raw and often Dark, but for jump there is more insufficiently.
From time to time Flame's looking on funny little monkey, who sitting at a safe distance from him and He playfully winked, as if inviting him to play with yet. He was fun. The large tree trunk has promised a lot of food, without limits of Life, which will dilative to full width hand and height of an ancient almost absolutely dry Baobab tree. There are promised, seemed, infinite complacency.

Monkey again hesitating scratched with a finger his hairy scalp and moved forward slowly in desperation. The experiment required the completion, but how? How to take it in hand, it is intolerable, recalcitrant, scalding? He had long known that only a Strong, Great, and something really Terrible, and the firmly commitment of the two legs, add Strength and Significance in the eyes of anyone. Even when he was child, he accidentally grabbed a large heavy nut and could not resist in his tiny children limbs, he missed down this. Because of that suffered only eternal implacable foe and eternal offender, and who followed now. Nut hits his head with a thud. That day the Great Experimenter understood the Power of things! He seeing his first enemy is crashing down from the sudden blow, and flees headlong - howling in pain and seeking the protection of his mother, who is searching worms in the ground between tree roots. Only that day
He realized his path - the Path of the Great Experiments!

Flame. It is an hour-by-hour leisurely licking smooth surface of the ancient trunk and nothing happened. The tree turns black. Gradually she gave up the Solar heat, which was accumulated for a long life, gave it to ..., whom She deceived? Who needs it is warm, when the storm was over long ago, and from the height of heaven shone very hot - insatiable tropical Sun. Who needs bit of heat somewhere in the shade, in the dark damp roots? None. Except this One, - small, black who are hunkering down for some reason, and for some purpose spending his short Time on the Impermanent and Useless. And all this instead finding a sweet food? Fool.
The little tree shook a branch, in which almost no vitality, still coming from not of burnt through the trunk to what left of the leaves, and threw off down a dry twig, thoughtlessly losing it, like the grizzled hair, which falling from the head of the dying, hopelessly ill.

Dry branch got down, striking the obstacles, jumping on them and time to time emitting sound - resonant or dull sounds. At the very bottom, almost reaching the ground, it hurts the Experimenter, who frightened from the sudden pain and rushed to run, but quickly changed one's mind. Here it is! (We would say, "Eureka!", but in fact we all know that in those days "Scientific terminology" has not been so widespread on the Great Earth, and therefore was only available and understandable for all - "That's it!").
The branch struck the Experimenter in the skull, bounced off to tree and dipped his thin edge in the most fire. Heat curiosity licked the new food, walked around her, wrapping her as little bluish snake, sniffed and took with gratitude, leaping to several processes. The thick end of a branch while stuck outside of the flame and little Scientist, forgetting of everything, grabbed it. The Great Mind of the Great Experimenter, which provoked him into this dangerous act, immediately realized the Greatness happening. Here and Now!
The Firelord! One’s he! And nobody more! Master of fire!

"Now they will know! Now they’ll understand who are dealing with! I'll show them!"
And the little monkey is scampering with a burning branch towards the river, where his small tribe still huddled after yesterday storm and big fire. Monkeys don't going from this safe place for look a desired food. Life experience certainly reminiscent to "reasonable," that is better to sit for days hungry, than to expose themselves to unnecessary danger, and disappear without a trace in the depths of a unpredictable fire. No fools! (Many thousands years later, this state will be called «Homo sapience», but we're not about).

The Great Experimenter flew into the clearing by the river and immediately thrust the burning branch in the face of the Leader. Now, look! Losing his eye, Leader howled burning pain and seeing nothing around and understanding anything. He’s jumping into the river, away from nowhere emerged in front of him the fire, and crashing right under the nose of the crocodiles, who lazily dozing near the shore and waiting for their usual fried meal after a big forest fire. The flock fell silent. They stood still and only eyes timidly pursued the Chief, who dissolved without a trace, together with predators in a muddy stream of the great water.

The Great Discovery was happened by giving patient a great “Fruit”, which almost everyone called in the Modern world "The Science," but all we know - Science it is …

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